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  1. Castles In Sand

From the album Future Friends

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Castles In Sand

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Featuring Christian Tolle on Lead Guitar


Castles in Sand

I don't know the reason I don't know the way
But I should’ve known better I should’ve known today
And all of my feelings they were left along the way
But I didn't know better just to leave you today

And I don't know when I left you behind
And all of my fears  are travelin on the line
And I don't know why I’m leavin it today
But all of my tears I live along the way And I know

Maybe I'm leavin The Castles in Sand
Maybe I don't know if I'll stand
And maybe I'm leavin Rules along the way
Maybe I don't know I could stay

You don't have to worry til you’re over
You don't have to hurry with the light
You don't have to feel it until you’re over
we don't have to run into the light