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  1. The Unknown

From the album Future Friends

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The Unknown

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Featuring Erdis M. on Cello


Played against the broken arms
They hide beneath the sunken hearts
We don’t believe the enemy is trying to
Sucking blood of younger oneS
While finding what the future does
the simple things that we can never do

Take your broken wing and fly Tell your vacant heart goodbye
You want to be the remedy Following the enemy and hide

We go out into the unknown
Can’t find a reason you’re locked in a prison you’re down
We go live up the life we know
Can’t find a vision we’re locked in a rhythm of life

Tell the kids to fall in line To show them where the future lies
They’re building over all the garden groves
Line them up in little rows Tie them up in tiny bows
Cause in the end they all become your drones