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  1. Up In A Cloud

From the album Future Friends

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Up In A Cloud

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Featuring Marta and Erdis on Violin & Cello


I was up in a cloud to find a home
Lookin up when I'm down is all that I know
I could follow the signs I could wait for a ghost
Every time you're around I feel alone Yeah That's how it goes

I don't know what to do I'm still hung up on you
I got a feeling that it just might turn around
I never find it when I really need a friend
I started looking then I end up where I start again

Lookin up at the stars to find some hope
Watch em fall to the ground like they're unknown
I could see em for miles I could see em explode
Everything that I've found I can't control Yeah That's how it goes

Slow it down I'm afraid and I'm doing what I can
Turn it round I'm awake and need to believe again
I'm here now Holding on and I'm gonna wait it out
We fall down I can smile and learn to forget about